1-on-1 Courses

At ISHURI, we take pride in being a community-interest company dedicated to curating valuable resources for our community. As part of our commitment to preserving and sharing the rich cultural heritage of Rwanda, we are excited to offer personalized 1-on-1 courses in Kinyarwanda, Rwanda’s history, and culture.

Our 1-on-1 courses provide a unique opportunity to learn Kinyarwanda, the official language of Rwanda, directly from experienced instructors. Whether you are a beginner looking to grasp the basics or an advanced learner seeking to refine your language skills, our courses can be tailored to your needs and proficiency level.

In addition to language instruction, our courses also delve into Rwanda’s history and culture. You’ll have the chance to explore Rwanda’s traditions, customs, and vibrant heritage, gaining a deeper understanding of this fascinating country.

The personalized nature of the courses allows for focused attention and customized learning materials, ensuring that your learning experience is compelling and engaging. Our experienced instructors will guide you through every step, providing explanations, practice exercises, and valuable insights into the Rwandan language, history, and culture.

Our flexible scheduling options ensure that the courses can fit into your busy lifestyle. We understand everyone has different commitments, so we work with you to find mutually convenient session times.

If you would like to enroll in our 1-on-1 courses or require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Ivan@ishuri.org. Ivan is ready to assist you, answer any questions, and help you embark on your journey to learn Kinyarwanda, Rwanda’s history and culture.
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