About Us

About Us

ISHURI is an independent organisation built to curate the Rwandan language, history, culture and provide a holistic education.

Our Prisms

The Rwandan language.
Culture and history.
A holistic education.

Through well-curated articles from experts and amateurs alike, new educational content will be shared weekly.

Our Why?

  1. To understand our Identity.
    Is our Identity based on our nationality or from our parent’s roots? Why don’t we look like our friends from school? Why is my family different? Which kind of food is this? Where do I belong? Why is my skin different? What language is that?

  2. Rise above an education system that failed us.
    Our education system prepared us for jobs, not life. We learned how to survive, cope but not how to thrive and grow. The education system forgot about things that matter like our self-esteem, relationships, self-understanding, creativity, mental health, money, art and many essential aspects of life.

  3. Being better adults.
    Ageing is natural, but growing has always been a choice. A choice of us doing better.How do we get better? What and why do we need to improve?

What do we offer?

Learning Kinyarwanda
The history of Rwanda.
The culture, values and beliefs of Rwandans.
Personal finance.
Mental health.

How we share?

We will share ideas, essays, answers, notes, books and other sorts of educational materials through a range of channels, mainly on our website, newsletter and social media platforms.

Find us on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.