ISHURI organises many events throughout the year to promote Kinyarwanda education and culture. These activities allow people of all ages and interests to learn about Rwandan culture, history, and language.

Here are some ISHURI events:

Language Workshops

ISHURI conducts language workshops that focus on the Kinyarwanda language. These workshops are designed for native speakers and learners who wish to improve their Kinyarwanda skills. The workshops cover various topics, including grammar, vocabulary, conversation, and cultural nuances, allowing participants to develop their fluency and understanding of the language.

Storytelling Sessions

ISHURI organizes sessions highlighting traditional Rwandan tales and folklore. These sessions provide a platform for storytellers to share their stories and pass on the rich oral traditions of Rwandan culture. Participants can immerse themselves in captivating stories that offer insights into the country's history, values, and morals.

Cultural Festivals

ISHURI arranges cultural festivals that celebrate Rwandan traditions and customs. In the last few years, ISHURI has organized Umuganura in the UK. These festivals showcase various aspects of Rwandan culture, such as music, dance, art, and food. Participants can experience traditional performances, taste authentic Rwandan cuisine, engage with local artisans, and learn about cultural practices.

Book Fairs

ISHURI hosts book fairs promoting Kinyarwanda literature and educational resources. These events unite Rwandan authors, publishers, and readers, fostering a vibrant literary community. Participants can explore and purchase a wide range of books in Kinyarwanda, including children's books, novels, poetry collections, and educational materials.

Community Outreach Programs

ISHURI actively engages in community outreach programs such as book donation drives, language support programs, and educational initiatives in underserved regions. These programs aim to expand access to educational resources, promote literacy, and support marginalized communities.

ISHURI creates engaging and inclusive environments to study, share, and celebrate Rwandan culture, history, and language via these activities. These activities preserve Rwandan customs, promote education, and build community.

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