ISHURI Cohort Course

At ISHURI, we take pride in our role as a community-interest company devoted to curating valuable resources for our community. As part of our commitment to preserving and promoting Rwandan heritage, we are excited to offer the Cohort Course—an immersive learning experience in Kinyarwanda, Rwanda’s history, and culture.

Course Overview

The Cohort Course is a unique opportunity to delve into the fascinating aspects of Rwanda’s language, history, and cultural traditions. Led by expert instructors well-versed in the subject matter, this comprehensive course is designed to provide an engaging and interactive learning experience for individuals of all backgrounds and proficiency levels.

Benefits of the Cohort Course

Language Proficiency

Enrolling in the Kinyarwanda module will enable you to develop a solid foundation in the official language of Rwanda. From basic vocabulary and pronunciation to advanced conversational skills, this course will equip you with the tools to communicate effectively and authentically with Rwandans.

Cultural Understanding

Through the History and Culture modules, you will embark on a captivating exploration of Rwanda's past and present. Gain insights into the country's rich traditions, customs, and values, fostering cultural empathy and appreciation.

Community Connection

As a community interest company, ISHURI strongly emphasizes fostering connections and building a supportive network. The cohort format of the course allows you to engage with fellow learners, exchange ideas, and foster a sense of belonging within the ISHURI community.

How to Join

To embark on this transformative journey of discovery and join the Cohort Course, please get in touch with us at Our dedicated team is available to provide further information, answer your questions, and guide you through the enrollment process.

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