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Empowerment and Resources for the Rwandan Community

Welcome to the ISHURI membership program, where we offer a unique opportunity to become part of our community and contribute to empowering Rwandan society. As a community interest company, all our resources are poured back into the community, allowing us to offer valuable help and support to individuals in the diaspora and Rwanda.

One of the exclusive benefits of being an ISHURI member is access to the ISHURI Magazine. This Quarterly digital publication is filled with curated resources, insightful articles, and engaging content that covers a wide range of topics relevant to the Rwandan community. From culture and history to personal development and success stories, ISHURI Magazine provides information and inspiration.
To subscribe to the ISHURI Magazine and become a member, we offer three pricing options:

Quarterly Subscription

£50 / Quarter

For £50 per quarter, you will receive access to the latest edition of the ISHURI Magazine. This subscription will automatically renew every quarter, ensuring you never miss an issue.

Annual Subscription

£180 / Year

For a discounted price of £180 per year, you can access four consecutive editions of the ISHURI Quarterly Magazine. This subscription allows you to enjoy uninterrupted access to our valuable resources throughout the year.

Forever Support

£999 / Lifetime

For a one-time payment of £999, you become a lifetime member of ISHURI. This forever support option gives you unlimited and perpetual access to ISHURI Magazine, ensuring you stay connected and empowered by our community’s resources for life.

By becoming an ISHURI member and subscribing to our magazine, you receive a wealth of knowledge and inspiration and directly support our mission to empower the Rwandan community. Your contribution allows us to continue curating valuable resources, organising events, and developing programs that make a lasting impact.

To subscribe to the ISHURI Quarterly Magazine and join our membership program, please visit our website or contact our team at We will guide you through the registration process and provide access to the ISHURI Quarterly Magazine, enabling you to stay informed and connected.

We appreciate your support in empowering the Rwandan community. Together, let’s shape a brighter future for all.

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