Empowering Cultural Connections with ISHURI

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Here are some of them:

"Ivan's dedication to promoting Rwanda’s culture and language in the diaspora is genuinely inspiring. Through his leadership at ISHURI, he has created a platform for our community to connect, learn from each other, and nurture our cultural identity. His tireless efforts have significantly impacted the Rwandan Community in the UK, and we are grateful for his vision."

Habimana Gaju Ritha

"As a parent living in the diaspora, ISHURI has been a lifeline for me and my family. Their dedication to sharing Kinyarwanda culture, language, and history has allowed us to keep our heritage alive, even from a distance. The free holistic education they provide has given us the tools to pass on our traditions to our children and ensure they remain connected to their roots. ISHURI, you've made the diaspora parenting journey so much richer!

Uwamariya Jacqueline

"Ivan's leadership and dedication at ISHURI have significantly impacted the Kinyarwanda-speaking community in the UK. His focus on celebrating and preserving our heritage has provided us with a much-needed source of pride and inspiration. Through his work, he has brought our community closer together and enabled us to pass on our traditions to the next generation. Thank you, Ivan and ISHURI, for your invaluable contribution to our diaspora community."

Kangabo John

"ISHURI's services have been a blessing for us diaspora parents. Raising children outside our homeland, we often worry about them losing touch with our culture. ISHURI's commitment to providing accessible resources has empowered us to transmit our traditions to our children. Thanks to ISHURI, we can nurture their sense of identity and pride in their heritage, no matter where we are."

Kalisa Claude

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